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Mortgage Renewals in Canada

Mortgage renewal time is an excellent opportune time to renegotiate your rate and have a complete mortgage checkup. One of the advantages you have is Canadian lenders will offer you the new client incentive rates. Mortgage lenders want your business and will compete for it. Thousands of dollars can be saved at this time. With Dominion Lending Centres we have you covered as our lenders value your business and get it.

GoToBrokers is a franchise owner of Dominion Lending Centres. As a team of knowledgeable mortgage professionals, we know what is important to the homeowner when renewing one’s mortgage. More than anything it is rates, terms, and conditions. We will put your mortgage at the top of the lender’s priority list. Better still we will do all this with no broker fees.

mortgage tips - go to brokers Feeling Confident with Dominion Lending Centres and your Mortgage Renewal

We have invested in relationships with lenders for more than 20 years and have studied each lender’s policies and values. We know what lenders look for in a new client and completely understand the lender’s objectives. More than anything they understand we work for you, the homeowner. When making the choice to switch lenders during this mortgage renewal period we will negotiate a new rate and simplify the process. No waiting for return phone calls that can take weeks, no waiting for an email with answers to your questions. Moreover, no waiting for an office appointment. We are knowledgeable and qualified to answer all your questions immediately. We can discuss a wide choice of lenders and help you weed through them to source the best match for your needs. This is the now and future of mortgage renewals for the homeowner. Exploring your options during this time is a good personal financial decision.

There is the odd time that a client cannot leave their lender. We can assist there also.  We will give you the tools to negotiate better terms for yourself. We welcome your call regardless of if you proceed or not. Let’s talk!

Did you know

The market data tells us that 80% of clients will close their new mortgage based upon the term and conditions of the renewal offer they receive in the mail. You can do better, much better!

Other Mortgage Options at Renewal Time

  • Split your mortgage into 50% fixed rate and 50% variable
  • Extend your amortization when you have greater than 20% equity
  • Add a home line of credit
  • Combine your home line of credit into your mortgage
  • Smith Maneuvers Mortgages (a credit line that grows each time you make a regular mortgage payment) Also known as the Fusion Mortgage
  • Cash backs – up to 3% of your mortgage amount
  • Lender incentive cash backs for switching your mortgage

We can discuss your specific mortgage needs and determine which lender will have the best opportunities for you.

Getting Started

We will speak with you directly and collect your personal information. The process can take as little as 10 minutes to complete. We will then access your credit report and structure your file. Within 24 hours we will have your new mortgage approval ready for your signatures. We are focused upon ensuring your mortgage renewal has priority status as time is of the essence.

Some Commonly Asked Questions:

Can I add a home line of credit to my mortgage renewal?

Yes, some terms and conditions apply.

Do I need a lawyer to renew my mortgage?

No, we will take care of the closing cost for standard renewals.

How long does It take to renew my mortgage?

We should start 3 weeks prior to renewal.

How do I renew my mortgage with a mortgage broker?

Contact us and we will take care of the details.

How much does a mortgage broker charge?

Your broker will be paid by the lender for their services – no charge to you.

Why work with us

We are on top of the market changes, best rates and current policies that affect all mortgages in Canada. With several years of experience and thousands of incredibly happy clients.  You can depend on us. We are reliable and accountable. Our negotiating skills are sharp, and our knowledge is extensive. GoToBrokers goes even further with our “broker only policy” this meaning you will never be shifted around in our office. You will stay with your qualified broker from start to finish. You will be able to text us, email us and call us after regular business hours. This is rare in our mortgage industry. An especially principal factor to know when working with Stephanie or Keith is you have an insured body of professionals.

We are governed by the Federal and Provincial laws that follow the banking regulations act set forth by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

We look forward to chatting with you regarding your mortgage renewal.

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