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stephanie profile photo about - leduc mortgage broker - gotobrokersStephanie Lopushinsky is the mortgage broker license holder of GoToBrokers. She has represented clients from every corner of Alberta and across Canada. With the brokerage license, she can make decisions that agents cannot make without jumping through multiple hoops. This level of licensing comes only with years of experience and multiple recognitions.

Throughout her career, she has received several awards, including The Summit Award, which placed her among the top five mortgage brokers in Canada. She holds numerous memberships, including Canadian Mortgage Professionals of Canada and the Alberta Mortgage Broker Associations.

Along with memberships and licensing, she has been recognized as one of the top producers within the financial institutions in Canada. All these recognitions put her clients in a priority position with Canadian lenders.

Where it all started:

Stephanie launched her career in 2001 after years of working within the finance company of AVCO, which later became City Financial. She represented them as one of the highest achievers in lending and was offered a position on the national marketing team in Toronto.

As her relationships grew, she entered the mortgage profession. For several years, she has been acknowledged as a leader in the industry with a high standard of ethics and knowledge.

Stephanie then grew again by obtaining her brokerage license, giving her the legal position to open her own firm. She then purchased a Dominion Lending Centre Franchise.  Shortly after, Stephanie located Fort McMurray and opened a brokerage on Franklin Ave., assisting the wonderful people of the Mac country with all their Mortgage needs.

After several years of success working with the great people of the oil sands, Stephanie located the head office in the Edmonton area, where she could better serve the growing needs of her clients as her clients have expanded to all of Alberta.

Working with Stephanie ensures that you acquire a great mortgage rate, and get the knowledge and experience of a licensed mortgage broker who has seen almost all financial trends in Canada that affect the policies and regulations of lending.

She will extend unlimited time to her clients, strategizing and helping them grow their real estate portfolios. This type of dependable information and personal relationships comes only after years of experience and investments in what people need and want to know.  Stephanie’s clients have come to trust and rely upon her for several years to aid in making good decisions regarding their financial needs.

Of course, this business level comes with a large network of professionals that Stephanie can connect you to who will also be tools in your tool kit.

The most experienced, trusted, and knowledgeable professionals are affiliated with Stephanie and share the same objectives regarding moving people forward in life with knowledge and direction.

Mortgages are complex in Canada

From the policies of multiple lenders to the policies of the mortgage insurers, Stephanie, as a mortgage brokerage owner of a Dominion Lending Franchise, has spent years educating herself and staying abreast of the current and ongoing changing mortgage regulations.

The best advantage in our Canadian lending climate is working with the trends that repeat themselves and acknowledging what will likely come next. Never more so is the term “Trends are your Friends” truer.

If Shift hits the Fan, bring in the PRO

Many things can go wrong during the time of home ownership. From income and potential life shifting, to closing your new mortgage at the lawyers’ office, or dealing with builder problems, you want an experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable mortgage broker in your corner who can problem solve.  Stephanie is known to act NOW and bring all the necessary people to the table to solve any situations you may face. After 20-plus years as a mortgage broker, there is not much that triggers the panic button with Stephanie. Calm, cool, and collected is the head on her shoulder. Things get done, and people move forward, which is proven true.

In the words of Others…

“Top-quality customer service and the best possible end result.”

Stephanie’s depth of knowledge and experience blew me away.”

“Stephanie was amazing to work with! Her professionalism and knowledge was class A. She was with us every step of the way and guided us through the process. She went above & beyond and became a friend. I would highly recommend her!! Thanks again for all your help!”

“Not only is Stephanie knowledgeable and resourceful, she’s also a delight to work with. Stephanie supported my partner and I (both self-employed) every step of the way and made sure we were clear on our requirements and options. Top-quality customer service and the best possible end result. Would recommend to anyone seeking a mortgage!”

“As a licensed realtor in the province of Alberta, I have worked professionally with Stephanie for a decade now. At first, Stephanie was my mentor – giving me free advice just because she is nice. Then she became my personal broker. Since that time we have sent each other dozens of clients. She is prompt, professional, knowledgeable and insightful. Above all, she is a good person. Having done this for years, I have always known that that is the main thing. I am very happy to have had Stephanie in my life for so long – she’s just so good with people – she’ll know what you need, and she will deliver it.”

“Stephanie was amazing to work with! Her professionalism and knowledge was class A. She was with us every step of the way and guided us through the process. She went above & beyond and became a friend. I would highly recommend her!! Thanks again for all your help! “

“When it came time to buy a new house in Calgary, as an engineer with an MBA and past mortgage experience, I assumed I knew all that I needed to get the best mortgage through some online research, and good experiences with our bank. However, as our bank did not offer pre-approvals, our realtor strongly recommended that we reach out to Stephanie to work on our mortgage needs, as a pre-approval is very helpful in these hot real estate markets. Our realtor had sworn by her services for over a decade, and as we had in turn known him for 10 years, and truly come to trust his judgement, I gave Stephanie a call right away, to see if she could help us.”

“It took less than 5 minutes discussing our needs with Stephanie for me to realize that we were truly in the best hands. Stephanie’s depth of knowledge and experience blew me away. She listened to our needs, and I explained to her the options we had been looking at both with our current bank, and with other online brokers. She in turn explained the dangerous fine print of the other online brokers (including the surprisingly steep penalties if you decide not to finalize the mortgage with them), and then offered to look into the option we had with our current bank, which was offering a very attractive rate in order to retain our business. She made it clear that if it turned out that our bank had the better deal, that she would advise us to work with them, but that she would also try to beat that rate through her lenders so that we could get the banks fighting to give us the best rate!”

“Stephanie made the whole process exceptionally easy, as she gave me a short list of documents to verify our mortgage application, which I could email her at my convenience. She kept us posted as the applications progressed, and was able to work with her banks to beat the super low rate that our bank was offering us. She continued to make it very clear to us that she had our best interests in mind, offering to help match or beat any offers from other banks, and used the information I provided her to motivate lenders to truly sharpen their pencils and get us the best possible rate.”

“At the end of the day, working with Stephanie landed us a mortgage that all our colleagues and friends are deeply jealous of. Over the first 5 year term of our mortgage, we are saving over $6,600 in interest, as the rate we got was substantially lower than the super attractive rate our bank had originally offered (which in turn was already much lower than the rates the banks had posted online). The mortgage also came with very generous terms, such as substantial prepayment privileges, lower downpayment and a longer 30 year amortization, lowering our mortgage payments, and giving us lots of flexibility in how we spend our money. It also came with $3500 cash back, so yes, you read that right, working with Stephanie saved us a total of over $10,000 on our 5 year mortgage term! Needless to say, we cannot thank Stephanie enough for her services, and we cannot wait for our renewal in less than 5 years, so we can work with Stephanie again to get the best possible mortgage for our evolving needs.”

mortgage broker leduc jeep“I strongly recommend that anyone looking to buy or renew/refinance a mortgage make a point to call Stephanie. It does not matter how good your bank is, or how great your last mortgage broker was, Stephanie will do everything she can to ensure you get the best deal possible, and will always ensure your best interests are met. Her experience, knowledge, and network are second to none, and you will definitely never regret the opportunity to have Stephanie help you with your Mortgage needs! Give her a call today, and start saving your money!”

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