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What to Expect

From the application process to the closing of your home we are with you.

Below is a step by step guideline that will enable you to stay in control and know exactly what is next:

  1. We take your application
  2. We access your credit report
  3. We then speak with you and ensure everything in alignment- if we need to tweak anything this is where it happens.
  4. We then ask you to prepare all your paperwork (specific to each clients needs)
  5. We bundle everything up and get ready to go!
  6. If you re buying a home we await the offer to purchase
  7. Once received we forward everything to the selected lender
  8. The lender then approves the file (our clients approve)
  9. You then arrange your home inspection
  10. Should there need to be an appraisal (we will jump in)
  11. Once all documents are signed off we reach out to the correct parties and have the necessary confirmations provided (we are licensed to do this on your behalf) prior to doing this we would like you to arrange your home insurance and have time to negotiate a great premium!
  12. Then the lender packages up their package and sends it to the lawyer
  13. You will meet with your lawyer and provide the necessary documents of their request (generally a bank draft for the remainder of the down payment, tax adjustments and their fees and disbursements.
  14. Then the final conclusion! Your move!

This may see like many steps but we are with you all the way! We will ensure things move smoothly for you!

Highly Recommended

Find out why hundreds of others choose GoToBrokers as their Alberta mortgage broker of choice.

Extremely satisfied with Stephanie’s brokerage services. She found the best rates and actioned priorities in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Stephanie at Dominion Lending Centres.

Joshua R

As a licensed realtor in the province of Alberta, I have worked professionally with Stephanie for a decade now. At first, Stephanie was my mentor – giving me free advice just because she is nice. Then she became my personal broker. Since that time we have sent each other dozens of clients. She is prompt, professional, knowledgeable and insightful. Above all, she is a good person. Having done this for years, I have always known that that is the main thing. I am very happy to have had Stephanie in my life for so long – she’s just so good with people – she’ll know what you need, and she will deliver it.

Tom A

If I could give a 10 star review for amazing service , true professionalism with integrity and outstanding knowledge I would . Stephanie has helped me over the years with all my mortgage needs and always fully explained all my options helping me make the right decisions and getting me the best deals in the market. A huge thank you to Stephanie !!!

Nathand D

We are here for you every step of the way. We’ll help you navigate the process of getting a mortgage so you can get started right away.