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     Fixed Rate vs Variable Rate

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Up to 20% Prepayment Options

Montly, Bi-weekly, Weekly or Semi monthly payments

Accelerated and Non Accelerated Options

Portable Options

Varialbe Rate Mortgage

Up to 20% Prepayment Options

Monthly Bi-weekly, Weekly or Semi Monthly

Accelerated and Non Accelerated Payment Options

Convertible to Fixed no Penalty

Portable Options

Open Mortgages are open to all options of increasing payments, paying out the mortgage, all without restrictions or penalties.   This is generally used when you are selling your home or preparing for a large lump sum of money to be applied to the mortgage.   The interest rates are more expensive with type of mortgage.

Closed Mortgages have restrictions with terms and conditions.  Example:  You have penalties to payout the mortgage and limits as to how much prepayment options you have.  This is the most commonly used mortgage. 

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