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Great Credit Low Income

Incorporated or Proprietor

Having a larger down payment of between 10-20% provides you access to the Alternative Self Employed programs. These programs do have some CMCH fees as CMCH backs the lender.

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Commission Income

Commission income is calculated using a 2 year average of the NOA’s.

  • 2 year T4s will be required
  • 2 years NOAs
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Great Credit Great Income

All programs available to you with using Line 150 of your 2 year average NOA income. You will be required to provide the following:

  • 2 year T1 general
  • 2 year NOA’s
  • Corporate financials 2 years
  • Articles & Certificate of Inc.

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We contacted Stephanie for help in our remortgage of our home. Never used a broker before but lately unhappy with our bank and their rates. We decided to try a mortgage broker. Stephanie did a fantastic job with less hassle then the bank. She made it so easy. Got us great rates, met with us when it was convenient for us (no banker hours). Very professional and hard working. Overall excellent service!!!

Lynn C

As a licensed realtor in the province of Alberta, I have worked professionally with Stephanie for a decade now. At first, Stephanie was my mentor – giving me free advice just because she is nice. Then she became my personal broker. Since that time we have sent each other dozens of clients. She is prompt, professional, knowledgeable and insightful. Above all, she is a good person. Having done this for years, I have always known that that is the main thing. I am very happy to have had Stephanie in my life for so long – she’s just so good with people – she’ll know what you need, and she will deliver it.

Tom A

Stephanie is fabulous! She always takes my calls and has patience with my many many questions, no matter how trivial. She gives me an honest opinion when I ask for it. She has years and years of experience, it shows in a good way. She has not forgotten how it is to be in the shoes of someone new to buying a home. We have her and Keith from Maxwell Progressive and they are a fantastic team. We bought our house for a good price and everything had a good flow. Supremely impressed. I won’t hesitate to use them again or recommend them to anyone!

R Christian

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