Great Credit Low Income

   Incorporated or Proprietor

Having a larger down payment of between 10-20% provides you access to the Alternative Self Employed programs.  These programs do have some cmch fees as Cmch backs the lender.

Commission Income

Heading 5

Commission income is calculated using a 2 year average of the NOAs. 

  • 2 year T4s will be required

  • 2 years NOAs 

Great Credit Great Income

Heading 5

All programs available to you with using Line 150 of your 2 year average NOA income.  You will be required to provide the following:

  • 2 year T1 general

  • 2 year NOAs

  • Corporate financials 2 years

  • Articles & Certificate of Inc.


Your exact scenario may not be included in the above group.  We have multiple structures and can  discuss them directly with you.   Please call for a more detailed review.

IIncorporated or Proprietor
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