Great Credit Low Income

Having a larger down payment of between 10-20% provides you access to the Alternative Self Employed programs.  These programs do have some cmch fees as Cmch backs the lender.

   Incorporated or Proprietor

Commission Income

Commission income is calculated using a 2 year average of the NOAs. 

  • 2 year T4s will be required

  • 2 years NOAs 

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Great Credit Great Income

All programs available to you with using Line 150 of your 2 year average NOA income.  You will be required to provide the following:

  • 2 year T1 general

  • 2 year NOAs

  • Corporate financials 2 years

  • Articles & Certificate of Inc.

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Your exact scenario may not be included in the above group.  We have multiple structures and can  discuss them directly with you.   Please call for a more detailed review.

IIncorporated or Proprietor
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