It Is Mandatory

Before you close on your home, you're lender is going to require you have home insurance.  While there are different types of coverage, home insurance generally  covers you from damage to accidental or unexpected happenings  like a fire, flooding and further extended overages.  It can also cover the contents of the depending on your insurance package  If you are  buying a condo or a strata, your're also going to need similar condo insurance that cover you for your unit.   

If your home is a revenue property, your insurance is required to state this.   It may be a little more expensive however your mortgage cannot close if the insurance does not match the intended usage.  Your lawyer will provide a copy of your insurance policy to the lender prior to receiving funds to close.  

It is recommended that you speak to a few insurance companies to acquire the absolute best coverage for you and your family.

You may find a bundle package with your current insurance provider may also provide you with savings.

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