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Alternative mortgages may assist you should you not be able to qualify with the traditional mortgage. Often this will happen should you have no income or bruised credit. We will often seek the alternative lender to bridge a period of time in your financing. We follow this up with a plan to move you into a more traditional type of lending generally within 12-24 months.​

This type of lending is used also, with clean credit, should you just prefer to not do business with lenders and jump through the traditional paperwork requirements. For many individuals the small increase in cost and flexibility of the mortgages will choose this root.​

Some will use this form of mortgaging for building homes. Again the option of not having to meet the paperwork requirements of the lender is more desirable.​

As well as the examples above one may use this money source to access equity within the home to assist with short term needs. Further features of this type of mortgage is the lender is comfortable with a small 2nd mortgage following the first.

Large land developers will also use this form of borrowing as again the paperwork does not work for their structures.​

In Canada there are multiple reasons why Alternative lending is favored among many. As there is no government backing insurance with these mortgages there are Broker and Lender fees. They are very reasonable and fully disclosed to you. All fees are withdrawn from the mortgage funds at the law office. No out of pocket expense for you.

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We worked with Stephanie Lopushinsky with Dominion Lending for our most recent home purchase and could not recommend her enough, she helped us through all aspects of our purchase and was there to help and answer questions even before we asked. She was a tremendous help and anyone who uses her services will be very great full and lucky. Do yourself a favor and get in touch with Stephanie on your next home purchase.

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Stephanie and her team provide a service that goes above and beyond exceptional. Always keeping us up to date with the mortgage process and helping us work out every detail we faced through the initial property purchase along with our current processes of remortgaging our home. Easy to contact via email or phone with fast detailed info as needed

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Amazing experience! Stephanie was helpful and quickly answered all of my questions throughout the process. I would recommend her to anyone, without hesitation!

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