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Acquiring a mortgage in Fort Mcmurray is a little more challenging than Edmonton and other areas.   The lenders have very specific guidelines associated with our community.  When applying for your mortgage it is very important that are strategic.

I have lived and worked in Fort Mcmurray since 2009.  We have an office  in Fort Mcmurray and Edmonton.  I have seen the ups the downs and the fire along with the recovery.  I have worked with every program from Wood Buffalo, union positions  to Suncor's housing program.  Our lenders are well informed and comfortable with our unique programs. We know what we are doing!

We have a relationship with the lawyers, home inspectors and realtors.  We know the streets, builders and future development proposals.  We can answer question regarding the properties history etc.

We are Fort Mcmurray's longest working Mortgage Team.  When our clients use our service - they get great knowledge, service and lowest rates.   

Formerly located on Franklin The Mortgage Office   Since closing the location we have purchased a Dominion Lending Franchise.  With this opportunity we have a wider selection of options for you our wonderful friends.  Call us at anytime to discuss your mortgage needs.  We are here for you!     Stephanie Lopushinsky