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Common Mortgage Questions

Can one buy a second home with less than 20% down?

Yes, we have lenders that will do this for you.

Can you transfer your CMCH fees to your new house?

Yes, in most cases this applies.

Can I own more than one insured house?

Yes, you certainly can.

Can I take someone off my mortgage in a separation?

Yes New rules with CMCH allow one to have options.

Can I use child tax credits for income?


Do I have down payment options?


Can part time employment qualify as income?


Are there self employed programs for both income and non income reporting individuals?


How do I calculate my part time income?

Salary positions require a letter of employment and a paysub Hourly positions require 2 year T4 average income used

What is a monoline, bank and credit union

A lender that has only one product in their business - Mortgages only A bank has several producs and takes deposits A credit union are not federally regulated but are provincially regulated