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Buying with Little to No Income

Showing non traditional income showing little income but have larger down payments - there are mortgages for you with multiple lenders. 

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Access Equity up to 80%

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Buying with Bruised Credit 

Interest rates slightly higher and fees will apply.  We have many lenders who will work with you.  We will help you plan the exit strategy into a lower rate mortgage.  This is a great option to bring you into the real estate ownership pool. Depending upon the property location could be as low as 20% down.   Borrowed down payments and 2nd mortgages no problem. Flexible terms to get you into your home.

Need Money no income no credit but lots of equity.  We have lenders who will apply a small fee but will provide access up to 80% depending upon location of property.   Easy payback terms and very reasonable rates.

Commercial Options

Multiple Commercial Options Call Today
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Business Statagist

Cash Flow Business - lots of lenders More down with reasonable rates.  Some lender fees apply - reasonable terms.  Down payment can come from multiple sources.

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Building Commercial

We have a pool of lenders who will look at a mortgage for you.  Leave your first mortgage in place and put a 2nd behind it.   Flexible terms, broker fees apply Easy payout terms.

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New Commercial, Retail and Office Space

Acquiring Commercial Real Estate

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Corporate Properties

Corporate Properties
Tired of leasing? Why not purchase your own space!  We can help those smaller companies acquire their own space for operations.  We have lenders that will consider all forms of credit on these transactions.  Let us show you how to do this

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Industrial Financing

Looking to expand your business? Do you need more space for your equipment? We can offer loans for well established corporations to new start ups.  We can help you prepare your business plan for the lenders to consider.  We can help you project your future with your new acquisition.

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Commercial REVENUE

Commercial Revenue Properties

Looking at getting into the leasing game? We can help you structure your new business in the leasing world.  Malls are a combination between apartment buildings and a new start up business.  We have a number of lenders that will lend on malls and similar projects but we also have Insurance funds, Pension funds, an Mic's that will consider your project.


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